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Hope Of The Nations Chords (ver 2) - Brian Doerksen

Hope Of The Nations Chords
Hope Of The Nations Chords by Brian Doerksen

Key G

G     C 
Jesus hope of the nations 
G     C                   Em
Jesus comfort for all who mourn 
    D                 C                D
You are the source of Heaven's hope on earth 
G     C
Jesus light in the darkness 
G     C             Em
Jesus truth in each circumstance 
    D                 C                 D
You are the source of Heaven's light on earth 

   C           G/B
In history You lived and died 
    Am7                  D
You broke the chains You rose to life 

            G              C
You are the hope living in us 
            D               G
You are the rock in Whom we trust 
You are the light 
            C                D    C
Shining for all the world to see 

                  G               C
You rose from the dead conquering fear 
              D                G
Our Prince of Peace drawing us near 
          Em             Am7          D       C
Jesus our hope living for all who will receive 
          G    C
Lord we believe 

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About the artist behind Hope Of The Nations Chords:

Brian Doerksen (pronounced "durkson") is a Canadian Christian singer-songwriter and worship leader from Abbotsford, British Columbia who was born in 1965. For many years he was part of the Vineyard Churches as well as Vineyard Music Group. In that context he has been extremely influential in the area of contemporary Christian worship music. He has been a featured worship leader on many Vineyard worship CDs and has also taught extensively on worship leading and song writing. Brian's worship recordings have been known for their high production values and quality songwriting.

Notable songs written by Doerksen include Refiner's Fire (1990), Faithful One, Come Now is the Time to Worship (1998), Hope of the Nations, (2003), Holy God, and Today (As For Me and My House).

More recently Brian Doerksen has been producing worship music through Integrity's Hosanna Music, including his "You Shine" (2002), "Today" (2004), "Live In Europe" (2005) and "Holy God" (2006).

Brian Doerksen has received several GMA Canada Covenant Awards during his career including awards in 2006 for Artist of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year and Inspirational Song Of The Year.

He was married at age nineteen in 1985 with Joyce and they have six children, four daughters and two sons who both have the fragile X syndrome. They live in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.[1]

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