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Mr Rock N Roll Chords
                        Amy Macdonald - Mr. Rock 'N Roll
                                 This The Life

This is what i've come up with from watching her play this live. the chords should be
spot on.Stick a capo way down the 7th fret.Listen carefully to the intro to get the
struming pattern when playing the D, Dsus4,D6/9, D progression right. 

Capo 7th fret

Chords Used:
D      : (xxo232)
Dsus4  : (xx0233)
D6/9   : (xx0200)   
Asus4  : (x02230)
A7sus4 : (x02033)
Em7    : (022030)
G      : (320033)

Intro:  D   Dsus4   D6/9   D   x4

Verse 1:
So called Mr. rock 'n roll he's dancing on his own again,

Talking on his phone again to someone who tells him that his 
 G                                                         D Dsus4 D6/9 D x2
balance is low he's got nowhere to go he's on his own again.

Verse 2:
Rock chic of the century is acting like she used to be, 

dancing like there's no one there before she ever seemed to care now
 G                                                       D Dsus4 D6/9 D x2
she wouldn't dare, it's so rock 'n roll to be alo - hone.

Chorus 1:
D             Asus4                        Em7
  And they'll meet one day far away and say I wish I was something more,
            Asus4                        Em7                   
and they'll meet one day far away and say I wish I knew you, I wish I knew 
           D Dsus4 D6/9 D x4
you before.

Verse 3:
Mrs black and white shes never seen a shade of grey
always somthing on her mind, every single day but now she's lost her way,
                                 D  Dsus4  D6/9 D x2
and where does she go from here? 

Verse 4:
Mr. multicultural sees all that one could see,
he's living proof of someone very different to me 
            G                                     D  Dsus4 D6/9  D x2
but now he want's to be free, free so he can see. 

Chorus 2: AS CHORUS 1

D          Em7                Asus4                 G                    D
  He'll say I wish I knew you, I wish met you when time was still on my side
          Em7                Asus4                G               Asus4 
she'll say I wish I knew you, I wish I loved you before I was his bride.

Asus4  A7sus4

Verse 5:
A7sus4  D
    And so they must be depart too many moral broken hearts

but i've seen that all before in t.v. books and films and more
               G                              D  Dsus4  D6/9  D x2
and there's a happy ending, every single day.

Outro: AS CHORUS 1

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About the artist behind Mr Rock N Roll Chords:

Amy Macdonald (born 25 August 1987 in Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow[1]) is a Scottish singer/songwriter. Her debut album, This Is the Life, was released on 30 July 2007. Her first single, "Poison Prince", was released on 7 May 2007. She has been scheduled to play shows at music festivals such as Glastonbury, Hyde Park, T in the Park, and V festival. She has signed a record deal with Vertigo, the same record label which hosts The Killers and Razorlight. Macdonald started playing on-stage acoustic gigs at the age of 15. Her main influences include Travis and The Libertines. After playing several shows across mainland Europe, Macdonald plans to play at various festivals such as V Fest during the summer of 2008.

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