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Caledonia Chords
Capo 8th Fret

INTRO: D Dsus4 D Dsus4

D               A
I don't know if you can see
    D                      G
the changes that have come over me
         D                  A
in these last few days I've been afraid
     D              G
that I might drift away
             D                    A
so I've been telling old stories, singing songs
     D                   G
that make me think about where I came from
    D                 A
and that's the reason why I seem
   D          G
so far away today


       D                      A
ah but let me tell you that I love you
      D                       G
and I think about you all the time
G                D                      A     D
Caledonia you're calling me and now I'm going home
D                        A
but if I should become a stranger
              D                          G
you know that it would make me more than sad
G                A                    D
Caledonia's been everything I've ever had

I have moved and kept on moving
proved the points that I needed proving
lost the friends that I needed losing
found others on the way
I have kissed the ladies, left them crying
stolen dreams, yes there's no denying
I have travelled hard, sometimes with conscience flying
somewhere in the wind


Now I'm sitting here before the fire
the empty room, the forest choir
the flames that couldn't get any higher
they've withered, now they've gone
but I'm steady thinking, my way is clear
and I know what I will do tomorrow
the hands have shaken and the kisses flow
now I will disappear


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About the artist behind Caledonia Chords:

Amy Macdonald (born 25 August 1987 in Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow[1]) is a Scottish singer/songwriter. Her debut album, This Is the Life, was released on 30 July 2007. Her first single, "Poison Prince", was released on 7 May 2007. She has been scheduled to play shows at music festivals such as Glastonbury, Hyde Park, T in the Park, and V festival. She has signed a record deal with Vertigo, the same record label which hosts The Killers and Razorlight. Macdonald started playing on-stage acoustic gigs at the age of 15. Her main influences include Travis and The Libertines. After playing several shows across mainland Europe, Macdonald plans to play at various festivals such as V Fest during the summer of 2008.

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