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Hear My Heart Chords
Title: Hear My Heart
Artist: Nikki Gil
Album: Nikki Gil (Self-Ttitled)

Intro: A9-D-G-A

Verse I:

D                       Em
Here I am,Talking to my self again
            Gm           C             D    A              
Trying to figure out what I've been doing wrong
 D                          Em                         
Let me know where all of my love should go
             Gm                        C
Whay all the hurt and the pain and the tears
I can't show tryng to walk away
 Gm              C
But baby, this I have to say


G                  Em 
Hear my heart,crying in silence
It hurts so much
DM7                       G  
Trying to run from your smile your touch
  D                      DM7                   G                                          
This game's  a waste knowin you just cant be mine

Verse 2:

D                            Em          
Let me know, where all of my love should go
            Gm                     C
Why all the hurt and the pain and tears
  D             Em      
I can't show, trying so hard to walk away
      Gm        C
But baby, this I have to say

(repeat Chorus)



Bb                  Gm   D        
If you could only look my way
               Bb          Gm
Wooh,Hoh, if I could only listen
        F#m      B
to what I have to say

Chorus 2:

A               F#m
Here my heart crying in silence
E                  EM7             A       
It hurts so much,trying to run from your smile
Your touch
Waiting, pretending
This game's a waste
Knowing you just can't be..

(repeat chorus)



D                           E
Praying someday you'd be mine

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About the artist behind Hear My Heart Chords:

Nikki Gil (born August 23, 1987) is a Filipina actress, host, and singer. She is famous for doing the Asian versions of "Breaking Free" and "Gotta Go My Own Way" from the Disney Channel Original Movies, High School Musical, and High School Musical 2.

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