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Oh Child Chords
   A   Bm     G     D/C#   D(low)  D(high)   F#m


Bm D/C# D G Bm A G

Verse 1:
Bm             D/C#
I want to come closer
    D          G
But you are so distant
Bm          A               G
Lately your thoughts are so far
    Bm        D/C#     D               G
And I want to show you all that you're missing
Bm            A               D(low)
I'll meet you right where you are

G        A
Oh love, I've always known you
F#m      G
Oh love, you've always been mine
G        A                   F#m      G
Oh love, I'm only asking you for your life


Verse 2:
Bm           D/C#
Say that you need me
  D                G
I know what you're feeling
Bm         A       G
You cannot do this alone
Bm            D/C#       D           G
I gave you my word and I gave you my life so, 
Bm           A          D(low)
You'll never be on your own

*This part is tricky, you start singing the "Is this what..." on the A of the
first part. The second part in brackets is the part you repeat over and over.
Hold the "Is this what..." line until the next A comes around, then start the
other next "Is this what...". When you finish the 6 repeats, go to the next line.
Same chords are played throughout the whole bridge*

F#m G A Bm x2

F#m             G        A           Bm
You're waiting for this life, to be what
(You've been waiting for, this life, to be what)
You've been waiting for, this life, to be what you wanted.

Is this what you wanted?
Is this what you needed?


Bm       A
Oh love, I've always known you
F#m      G
Oh love, you've always been mine
Bm        A                   F#m      G
Oh child, I'm only asking you for your life

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About the artist behind Oh Child Chords:

Nevertheless is a Christian power-pop band from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Their song "Live Like We're Alive" reached the top 5 of the R&R Christian Rock Chart.[1], Their song "The Real," was played on Contemporary Christian Music radio stations, peaking in the Top 10 on radio stations thoroughout the United States.[2]

The band has toured with many other contemporaries from the Christian rock scene, including Superchick, Skillet, Hawk Nelson, Falling Up, and Number One Gun.

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