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Danny Walsh - The Texan Proverb Chords - Misc Unsigned Bands

Danny Walsh - The Texan Proverb Chords
Intro: Am Dm Am
Intro is strummed double time in an up down pattern and the first finger hammers on and 
off the notes played on the first finger ( note C when playing Am and note F when 
DM). This pattern continues for first two lines of Verse 1.

At the end of each line in the verse there is a filler that consists of holding the Am 
and playing the bass notes E then G then Am.

Am                           Dm                     Am
The Texas wind was chilling, when I admitted I was lost
Am                                     Dm                    Am
Prepared to spend night with the stars and morning with the frost
F                                             Am
Dismounting big ol' Razor, next to my bed of ground
                        E            G                Am
The peaceful 'eve was broken by a nearing stranger's sound

Am                               Dm                      Am
Came o'er the hill a lone rider, his mount was tall and grand
Am                                        Dm            Am
He said 'Son what brings you here to this God forsaken land'
        F                                            Am
I said 'I'm on my way to no good and probably even worse'
           E                 G                        Am
But if he'd give directions, he could take this heavy purse

       Am                                    Dm                    Am
In a land where laws were lead-based wounds, this was a fair man's deal
Am                              Dm                        Am
For he would send me on my way, keeping coin for his next meal
       F                                                       Am
But before our done transaction, there was something first he needed
            E                        G                       Am
For a man who lives in nature knows, that when it calls you heed it

Am                           Dm                    Am
The gentleman dismounted and his new boots took my eye
Am                             Dm                           Am
Snakeskin top and Cuban heels, brand new spurs gleam either side
       F                                                 Am
Excusing himself politely, he went and found a ponderosa pine
      E                                  G
And I turned west to see the sun's last rays greet old stars, oh how they

Bridge:      C     Dm     Em   Am

Am                           Dm                   Am
Suddenly there was a scream, had this man met a rattler's bite?
Am                                       Dm                      Am
But then I saw him shoot up into sky and disappear right out of sight!
       F                                           Am
Never before had a rider on the plain seen such a feat occur 
E                              G                        Am
and looking up into the night, I saw a brand new star appear

Am                                  Dm                         Am
So remember boys when you're riding and the sunset greets the night
Am                            Dm                              Am
And another of life's little challenges, has done kept you from your plight
 F                                                              Am
Look up for the tall grand rider in the sky and heed his vital lesson
E                                   G                              Am
Don't get lost in Texas boys...and don't squat with your spurs on  . yah!

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