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City Lights Chords
{Chords:    E  Asus2*  Bsus2*  C#sus2*}
         e- 0    0       0        0
         B- 0    0       0        0
         G- 1    2       4        6
         D- 2    2       4        6
         A- 2    0       2        4
         E- 0    -       -        -

*Note: Chord suffixes have been removed below for convenience.

E   C# B   C# A   C# B

E                     A
 We've seen all the trials
 Fake embraces and the smiles
 That raised us to believe
E                         A  
 We would all end up the same
 As a number not a name
 Surrounded but alone

C# A   B

E           C#   B
 And words will fade
           C#     A
 And lose their place
    C#  B
 In the pages that pass away
E      C# B
 And city lights
           C# A
 Will burn tonight
          C# B
 To bring us home
 Bring us home

E                      A
 We could break the patterns
 Strike the match and light the lanterns
 A signal to the world
E                          A
 Set them on the highest hill
 Show them love survives here still
 To light their way back home

 E                   A
 Heads are bowed and hands are folded
 E                       B
 Through each word these hearts are molded
 C#                 A
 We choose love and we choose feeling
 E                  B
 We choose hope and life with meaning
  (We will find our way back home

  We will never be alone)


 2007 Kiros Music Inc./SOCAN
Lyrics by Barry MacKichan (SOCAN)
Music by Kiros (SOCAN)

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