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Unfailing Love Kellys Song Chords - Jimmy Needham

Unfailing Love Kellys Song Chords
I got all the song but the part for Be my if you can get that please
let me know and I will fix it.
This is my first tab,
Jimmy's new cd is great, check him out, beautiful song right here for his wife.

Isaiah 54:10
Written by Jimmy Needham

Cm7                     Dm7                                            D#maj9
You're my unfathomable precious unimaginable joy
Cm7                         Dm7                                                 D#maj9
And you're exceedingly exciting and abundantly more than I could ask for
Cm7                     Dm7                                            D#maj9
With your hand in mine we will pass through time and space
Cm7                     Dm7                                            D#maj9
And every second every minute every hour of every day I'll say

             A#                                                   A##    
My unfailing love for you will not be moved
For you will not be moved
My unfailing love for you
And though the mountains be shaken 
And the hills be removed 
                D#sus2              D#m
Yet my unfailing love for you

Cm7                      Dm7                                            D#maj9
He tells a story of a King coming in glory and He is
Cm7                     Dm7                                           D#maj9
And that same Man who devised that plan united ours with His
Cm7                     Dm7                                                   D#maj9
And so hand in hand we will walk with Him till our two become as one
Cm7                     Dm7                                            D#maj9
And all the promises He promises to us He promises will never be undone


Be my wife
Be my wife 
Be my wife


      Cm7                Dm7             D#maj9       A#           A##      D#sus2            D#m

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About the artist behind Unfailing Love Kellys Song Chords:

Jimmy Needham is an American contemporary Christian singer signed to Inpop Records. Needham released numerous singles in 2007. His second Inpop studio album, Not Without Love, will be released on August 19, 2008.[1] He is currently on the spring 2008 Relentless tour with Natalie Grant,[2] and has previously toured with NewSong, Echoing Angels and Nate Sallie in late 2007.[2]

He is a graduate of Texas A&M University, where he studied history and philosophy.[3]

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