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Take It All Chords
Take It All:
Key: B Major

Chords used:
     B	  G#m	 E     F#   C#m    G#m*


*Song Order given under "notes" at the bottom*


Bass Solo Intro (8 bars)

Verse 1:

Searching the World, the lost will be found.
In freedom we live, as one we cryout
You carried the cross, You died and rose again.
My God, I'll only ever give my all.

Verse 2:

You sent Your Son, from heavento earth.
You delivered us all, it's eternally heard.
B                                         G#m
I searched for truth, and all i found was You.
My God, I'll only ever give my all.


B            F#
Jesus, we're livin' for Your Name.
      G#m                   E
We'll never be ashamed of You. (Whoa___)
B               F#
Our praise, and all we are today.
Take, take, take ia all. Take, take, take it all.

2-bar lead up into the bridge:
B (electric and bass)


C#m*       G#m*    F#        E
Running to the One who heals the blind
C#m*      G#m*    F#
Following the shining light
C#m*          G#m*      F#      E
In Your hands the power to save the world,
and my life.   (x2)

Bass solo: 4 bars (leading up into the chorus).

Coda (Closing):

Take, take, take it all.
Take, take, take it all.
Take, take, take it all._______

Notes:  For bridge, you may need to listen to the CD or song to figure out the strumming
as it is different from the rest of the song.  Bass has a solo after the bridge for 4
which then goes into the chorus; and this particular time through the chorus is only 
with drums (some bands may include the bass lick for fun, but is up to the band that is
to decide).

Song Order:
Intro (8 bars)
Verse 1
4 Bar instrumental (with bass and electric)
Verse 2
4 Bar instrumental (with bass and electric)
Verse 2
Chorus (x2)
2 Bar instrumental lead up into Bridge
Bridge (x2)
4 Bar Bass Solo
Chorus (Just drums)
Chorus (x2)
Ending (Coda)

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About the artist behind Take It All Chords:

Hillsong United is the youth ministry of Hillsong Church. The youth ministry is combined of four different ages groups that meet separately but have "United" nights when they come together. The different age groups are; Fuel for years 7 to 9 at school, Wildlife for years 10 to 12 at school, Powerhouse for ages 18 to 25 and Frontline for ages 25 to 35.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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