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Lost In The Supermarket Chords (ver 2) - Clash

Lost In The Supermarket Chords

Chords suggestions: (Std Tuning)
E     = 022100
Eadd9 = 024100 (pinky the 4)
C#m7  = x46454
C#m   = x46654
A     = x02220
Amaj7 = x02120 (pre-anchor the 1 behind A's to make it easy)
B     = x24442

|E               | (w/ Eadd9's)
|C#m7            | (w/ C#m's)
|A               | (w/ Amaj7's)
|E         B  E  | 

Chorus: (chords same as Intro)
|E                                     |
 I'm all lost in the supermarket.
|C#m7                                  |
 I can no longer shop happily.
|A                                     |
 I came in here for the special offer,
|E                     B     E         |
 a guar-an-teed per-so-nal-i-ty.

Verse 1 & 2: 
(between |'s is 1 measure, 2nd and 3rd switches are on counts 3 and 4)
|E                B         C#m        |
 I wasn't born so much as I fell out.
|A                B      E             |
 Nobody seemed to notice me.
|C#m                 B           A     |
 We had a hedge back home in the suburb,
|Amaj7        B           E            |
 over which I never could see.

E                      B           C#m
I heard the people who live on the ceiling
A                     B    E
scream and fight most scarily.
C#m                       B          A
Hearing that noise was my first ever feeling!
Amaj7                B          E
That's how it's been all around me.

[CHORUS] (x1)

Verse 3 & 4:
E                   B           C#m
I'm all tuned in, I see all the programs.
A                   B          E
I save coupons from packets of tea.
C#m                   B           A
I've got my giant hit discotheque album!
Amaj7               B          E
I empty a bottle, I feel a bit free.

E                         B            C#m
The kids in halls and the pipes in the walls
A                  B    E
make me noises for company.
C#m                        B             A
Long distance callers make long distance calls!
Amaj7                 B      E
And the silence makes me lonely.

[CHORUS] (x1)

Outro (w/ chorus progression):
|E                            |
|C#m7                         |
|A(maj7)                      |
|E                B    E      |


|E                            |
                  No, it's not
|C#m7                         |
 here.                It disap-
|A(maj7)                      |
|E                B    E      |

Then.. (repeat this part to fade)

|E                            |
 I'm all lost..        I'm all
|C#m7                         |
 lost. (I'm all lost)  I'm all
|A(maj7)                      |
 lost. (I'm all lost)
|E               B     E      |


Intro/Chorus Details w/ Strumming Timing:

Notes: The previous tabs made this so confusing. The basic chords seem simple enough.
They are just a little repetitive and get spiced up a bit. I wouldn't take it too
seriously as this is mostly a very simple song. 

|1  & .  2  & .  3  & .  4  & .  |
|E                               |
 /  / /  /  / /  /  /    /  / (//)
|C#m7                            |
 /  / /  /  / /  /  /    /  (////)
|A                               |
 /  / /  /  / /  /  /    /  / (//)
|E                               |
 /  /    /  /    /  /    /  (////)

(In detail...)
|1  & .  2  & .  3  & .  4  & .  |
|E       Eadd9   E       Eadd9 E | (opt: add 9's in here for flare)
 /  / /  /  / /  /  /    /  /  //
|C#m7    C#m     C#m7    C#m     | (opt: lift your ring finger off and on for 7ths here)
 /  / /  /  / /  /  /    /    ///
|A       Amaj7   A       Amaj7   | (opt: finger open A with 7th on C note and pull
 /  / /  /  / /  /  /    /  /  //        middle finger off and on)
|E               B*      E       | (*B or Eadd9 needed here)
 /  /    /  /    /       /    ///

I was surprise there wasn't a decent tab in this site for this song. Hopefully, this is one.
If not, let me have it - you Clash fans seem pretty picky/nasty.


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About the artist behind Lost In The Supermarket Chords:

The Clash were an English punk rock band, active from 1976 to 1986, part of the original wave of UK punk.[1][2] Along with punk rock, they experimented with reggae, funk, rap, dub, rock and roll and rockabilly among other roots musics.[3][4] For most of their recording career, The Clash consisted of Joe Strummer (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Mick Jones (lead guitar), Paul Simonon (bass) and Nicky "Topper" Headon (drums, percussion).[5] The group disbanded in early 1986, owing to lack of creative control and the loss of Headon in 1982 and Jones in 1983 due to internal friction.

The Clash were a major success in the UK from the release of their debut album. Their third album, London Calling, released in the UK in December 1979, brought them popularity in the United States when it came out there the following year. It received wide critical acclaim; a decade later Rolling Stone magazine declared it the best album of the 1980s.[6]

The Clash's style and rebellious attitude, along with their music, had a far-reaching influence on rock, alternative rock in particular.[7] Their record label's A&R director dubbed them "The Only British Band That Matters," which fans picked up and transformed into "The Only Band That Matters". In January 2003 they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.[8] The band wanted to play at the event, but were prevented by Joe Strummer's death in December 2002. In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked The Clash #30 on their list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.[9]

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