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Different Breed Chords
Different Breed
Carter's Chord

Capo 2

Intro:  Bm A Em7 Bm 

They've got shiny cars and polished nails
Yeah, those girls they've got everything right
They've got fancy clothes, perfect hair, steady lives
But I don't
They're the first to send out thank you notes
They've got well kept homes to entertain
They'll do anything just to please you
But I won't
If these are the girls that you choose
                Bm                  F#m
What make you think I'd be good for you

         Bm            D/F#
Can you tell me baby
What do you see in me
         D/F#            Em7
I'm a Fast Ride I'm a crashing tide and
I'm crazy
         Bm           D/F#
Can you tell me baby
What do you see in me
                     Em7         F#m
You've loved a long line of consistency
I'm a different breed

Transition: Bm  A  Em7  Bm

Every time you take me out boy
We see another girl whose held your hand
And she acts like she doesn't care with me
But I know..
She don't like the way I look on you
I make her nervous 'cause I don't fit in
With my deep brown eyes, cigarette, cowboy boots
I stand alone (alone-whoa)
Baby I wonder if you know what
You're getting yourself into

[Repeat Chorus]

[Solo]   Bm  A  Em7  F#m

 Bm     A    Em7   Bm    F#m
Whoa  Whoa  whoa  Whoa  whoa 

[Repeat Chorus]

Fade with continuing Bm  A  Em7  Bm 

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