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Love Is Here Chords
Love Is Here
Tenth Avenue North
B Capo 4

Intro: Em   G/B   C

Verse 1:
Em          G/B     C
Come to the Water, you who thirst
           Em               G/B   C
And you'll thirst no more
Em            G/B   C
Come to the Father, you who work
           Em            G/B   C
And you'll work no more

D               Em       C
And all you who labor in vain
D          Em         C
And to the broken and shamed

        G             C
Love is here, Love is now
        Em               D               C
Love is pouring from His hands, from his brow
        G             C
Love is near, it satisfies
Em               D                C
Streams of mercy flowing from His side
              Em   G   C
Cause love is hear

Verse 2:
Em          G         C
Come to the treasure, you who search
           Em              G    C
And you'll search no more
Em          G     C
Come to the lover you who want
           Em            G     C
And you'll want no more

And to the bruised and fallen,
Captive, bound, and broken hearted
He is the Lord
He is the Lord, yeah
By His stripes He's paid all ransom
From His wounds we drink salvation
He is the Lord
He is the Lord 

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