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Cant Find My Way Home Tab
                             CAN'T FIND MY WAY HOME
                              As recorded by Swans
                     (From the 1989 Album GOD DAMN THE SUN)

Transcribed by Corey Hunter @

 Intro/Verse riff
  Gtr I
  S S S S S S S S  S S S S S S S S   S S S S +S  S S S  S S S S +S  S S S

  S S S S S S S S  S S S S S S S S   S S S S S S S S  S S S S S S S S

* This bar replaces the last bar of Intro riff on the 2nd time thru.
  It comes up again in the Verses, which feature slight
  variations here and there.

  S S S S +S  S S S +S  S S S +S  S E

Chorus(Chords)*Try employing sus2 and 4 variations in the bars containing D
                Listen to the recording to hear how they work.

   G              Em             D              Em
|  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |

   G     F  Em    D     
|  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  | Song then trails back to the Verse riff

Duration Legend
W - whole; H - half; Q - quarter; E - 8th; S - 16th; T - 32nd; X - 64th; a - acciaccatura
+ - note tied to previous; . - note dotted; .. - note double dotted
Uncapitalized letters represent notes that are staccato (1/2 duration)
Irregular groupings are notated above the duration line
Duration letters will always appear directly above the note/fret number it represents the
duration for.  Duration letters with no fret number below them represent rests.  Multi-
bar rests are notated in the form Wxn, where n is the number of bars to rest for.  Low
melody durations appear below the staff

Tablature Legend
 h   - hammer-on
Misc Legend
 |  - bar
||  - double bar
||o - repeat start
o|| - repeat end
*|  - double bar (ending)
 :  - bar (freetime)
 $  - Segno
 &  - Coda
Tempo markers -  = BPM(8/16=s8/s16), where s8 = swing 8ths, s16 = swing 16ths

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