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Sea Shanty Chords
Quasi -

It's only very rough, but as there seems to be not one other tab on the internet by this 
band I thought I'd rectify that.

E5 G#/E  A  Am6  F#7 A7  B  B/C  C#m  A   C#  F#  B2 B7
x   x    0  x    x   5   x  x    x    5   x   x   x  2
x   x    2  7    2   8   4  4    9    5   9   2   7  4
9   13   2  5    3   6   4  4    9    6   10  3   8  2
9   12   2  5    2   5   4  4    11   7   11  4   9  4
7   11   0  0    5   7   2  3    11   7   11  4   9  2
0   0    x  x    2   5   x  x    9    5   9   2   7  x

//Intro = ( E5 G#/E A Am6 ) x2

E5           G#/E    A             Am6
  Repair the hull,     replace the sails.

E5            G#/E              A             Am6
   The monkey wrestles with the ghost

      F#7                       A7
And a thousand pleasures form a thin veneer

     B            B/C   B
Over lack of hope.

    C#m                 F#              B    B/C  B
The captain was rightly murdered by the crew

C#m            F#                B2    A
  But now they don't know what to do -

E5              C#    F#        B7          E5    G#/E A Am6
Drifting on the murky Sargasso       of the everyday.

//Then basically the same again

Work and slave and skimp and save
And you can buy yourself a bigger cave
And a thousand little cruelties we agree to pretend to ignore.
The ghost has got the monkey by the tail
And all they both can do is wail.
And you and I go drifting by the abandoned vessels of the everyday.

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