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Livin On Love Chords
           A                 E
Two young people without a  thing
          A                      D
Say some vows and spread their  wings
            A                                      E
And settle down to just what they need livin' on  love
           A                      E
She don't care 'bout what's in  style
          A                  D
She just likes the way he  smiles
          A                     E               A
It takes more than marble and tile livin' on  love
           E                A
Livin' on love, buyin' on  time
             D                           A
Without somebody nothin' ain't worth a  dime
              D                        A                E
Just like an old fashioned sory book rhyme livin' on  love
            A                          E
It sounds simple. That's what you're  thinkin'
              A                          D
But love can walk through fire without  blinkin'
                 A                   E                 A
It doesn't take much when you give enough livin' on love
         A                  E
Two old people without a  thing
          A                    D
Children gone but still they sing
        A                                         E
Side beside in that front porch swing livin' on  love
          A       E              A                 D
He can't see anymore. She can barely sweep the  floor
         A                              E               A
Hand in hand they'll walk though that door livin' on  love
D                   A                   E                 A
No, it doesn' take much when you give enough livin' on love

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About the artist behind Livin On Love Chords:

Alan Eugene Jackson (born 17 October 1958 in Newnan, Georgia) is an American country singer-songwriter who has sold over 40 million records. He was influenced by the new traditional country of the 1980s, and he was one of the most popular country singers of the 1990s, blending both honky tonk and mainstream country sounds and penning many of his own hits. His success continued into the 2000s and his music became increasingly counterposed with that of more mainstream country acts that were moving toward a more pop music sound. He is the recipient and nominee of multiple awards. He was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2001.

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