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You Dont Write Chords
You Don't Write(Hawaiian)
Intro:  G           Bm          C  (2X's)

G               Bm                      C                                G
   You don`t write, tonight I`m waiting for your call
                      Bm                 C                        G
You say you`re busy baby, but is that really all
                          Bm                   C
Maybe it`s just the loneliness that`s driving me insane
                              G           Bm        C
But when we used to play, was it just a game

Am        D7       G                            Am                     D7               G /
     If it`s so, that we were meant to be,      then why, oh why, did you go away
                    C      Bm  Am    D7                   G        Bm     C
And leave me blue, ooh, ooh,              you don`t write             
                    G       Bm      C
No you don`t write

G                 Bm             C                          G
    You don`t write, don`t give me no excuse
                   Bm      C                      G
I`m sick and tired of all your abuse
                        Bm                          C
So don`t say you love me when you`re miles and miles away
                               G              Bm                  C
`Cause when the cat`s awake, the mice pretend to play



(Repeat 2nd verse + chorus)

                G     Bm               C                                            G
You don`t write       to me anymore, you hardly call me on the phone, 
            Bm                               C
I`m all alone, won`t you come on home 
                   G         Bm     C                       G       Bm     C
No you don`t write,                 No, you don`t write. 
                    G        Bm     C                       G       Bm     C    D7        G
Oh, you don`t write,                No, you don`t write.

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