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Im Still Here Chords
I'm Still Here

CAPO 2nd fret

this isnt how it is but i hate the way that they always have a freaky weird tuning so i 
itas easy as i could 4 people like me who hate strange tunings.



 G;                 C add9;                     G;
 I am a question to the world
        C add9;         G;
 Not an answer to be heard
           Cadd9;           Am;        Cadd9;
 Or a moment, that's held in your arms

      G;             Cadd9;           G;
 And what, do ya think you'd ever say?   I
         Cadd9;     G;          Cadd9;
 wont listen anyway You don't know me
     Em;        D;           Cadd9;       G;
 And I'll never be what you want me to be

       G;             Cadd9;             G;
 And what, do you think you'd understand? I'm a
 Cadd9;           G;           Cadd9
 boy, no, I'm a man You can't take me,
 Am;             Cadd9;
 and throw me away

      G;             Cadd9;              G;
 And how, can you learn what's never shown?
            Cadd9;             G;
 Yeah you stand here on your own
               Cadd9;       Em; D;  Cadd9;
 They don't know me, cause I'm not here


     G;         Cadd9;         G;
 And I want a moment to be real
          Cadd9;               G;
 Wanna touch things I don't feel
 Cadd9;           Am;       Cadd9;
 Wanna hold on, and feel I belong
      G;          Cadd9;             G;
 And how, can the world want me to change?
             Cadd9                  G;
 They're the ones that stay the same
             Cadd9;         Em; D; Cadd9;
 They don't know me, cause I'm not here


     G;            Cadd9;            G;
 And you, see the things they never see
        Cadd9;           G;
 All you wanted, I could be
         Cadd9;        Am;      Cadd9;
 Now you know me, and I'm not afraid
     G;        Cadd9           G;
 And I, wanna tell you who I am
         Cadd9;           G;
 Can you help you be a man?
            Cadd9;       Em;       D;
 They can't break me As long as I know
 who I am


 Cadd9;      D;             Em;
 They can't tell me who to be
 Cadd9;      D;         Em;
 Cuz I'm not what they see
 Yeah the world is still sleeping
      D;                     Em;
While I keep on dreaming, for me
 And their words are just whispers and
 D;                   Em; D; Cadd9;
 lies That I'll never believe

          Em;        D;        G;                        I'm the one, cause I'm still here,
 Em; D;   G;     Em; D;   G;
I'm still here, I'M STILL HERE.

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