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Fit To Be Tied Chords
Jetlag Gemini
Fit To Be Tied
Fire The Cannons
Submitted by: [email protected]

Key: E

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
C#m -  x46654
A -    x02220
E -    022100
B -    x24442
F#m -  244222
G#m -  466444
G#/C - x365xx

Intro: C#m-- x16, C#m--A-F#m x2

Verse 1:
I'm sleeping soft tonight
        A         B       C#m
Keeping warm with crooked dreams
The pennies off of dead men's eyes
      A      B       C#m
Never let my pockets weep
And I'm sorry you had to know me
         A            F#m(hold)
When I'm so fit to be tied

         C#m          A
I such a mensch in my clothes
                 F#m     B G#/C
but my plans are criminal
           C#m            A
So give me your hand in a quote
                        F#m        B G#/C
I'll save your grim and single soul

Interlude: C#m--A-F#m x2

Verse 2:
I'm hoping you're the type
              A         B     C#m
The kind that falls for every line
The kind that sings
along to all of my wrongs
    A       B    C#m
Too good to be a find
Now honey, my time is money
    A                      F#m
And you've come dressed in rags

(Repeat Chorus twice)

Interlude: C#m--B-G#m-E x2, C#m

Guitar Solo: A--E-B-C#m----A--E-B-C#m----------- drum beats

(Repeat Chorus chordless)
(Repeat Chorus)

F#m G/C C#m(hold)
Sin-gle Soul

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