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In My Life Chords
INTRO: Bb-F(2x)

          Bb   F/A  Gm      Bb7
There are places I remember
All my life
Though some have changed
        Bb    F/A     Gm   Bb7
Some forever, not for better
         Eb  Ebm
Some had gone
And some remain

         Gm                           EbM7
Though I know I'll never ever lose affection
     Ab                   Bb
For people and things that went before
   Gm                             EbM7
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life
  Bb            Ebm-Bb
I loved you more

           G        D/F#
Though the music is sweet
        Em              G/D
But the song ain't complete
      Am  G/B-C
Now in my life
G/B        Am G/B-C
Boy, in my life
D             G     D
Somethin' is missin'

        G             D/F#
It's a tune' yes it's true
             Em         G/D
Still there's no me and you
    Am     G/B-C
Here in my life
G/B         Am G/B-C
Boy, in my life

In my life
      C(Db)         G(Ab) B7(C7)
There ain't no melody, oh no
In my life
      C(Db)         G/B(Ab/C)
There ain't no harmony
   Am             D   Eb7
To help me sing a song

       Ab       Eb/G
Oh the music is sweet
(There are places I remember)
        Fm            Ab/Eb
But the song ain't complete
Now in my life
(All my life)

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