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Willie And Danny Chords
                        Wille And Danny
                         by gary og
capo 2nd fret

Am                F
Try to sing some songs of glory, 
Am                 G
Sing some songs of peace,
Am                      F 
But in the end it's the same old story, 
G                       E7
They're both so hard to reach. 

Am                     F
People tell me they're sick and tired,
Am                     G 
Of seeing this place run down,
Am                     F 
Well I say: Take your blindfolds off, you hypocrites,
G                      E7 
And help us to get off the ground. 

Am                  G
Please say it isn't so,
F                G 
Why Willie and Danny had to go,
Am                 G 
The reason's very clear ,
F                                      G 
They're laying down their lives for us year after year.

Seventy shots between their bodies, 
Not one of those bullets missed, 
For every trigger pulled that morning, 
A volunteer will enlist. 

For five long hours they left them lying there, 
The priest was turned away, 
So another step lower for those SAS bastards, 
We'll never forget the day.

The funerals were to prove their worthiness, 
Thousands thronged the streets, 
While those Borstel Boys hovered helplessly overhead, 
The 'Ra came out to salute. 

They emptied their magazines over each coffin, 
Defiantly the crowd were sent, 
So another day dawns and the guns will be out again, 
Cause Willie and Danny had friends. 

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