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Remember Chords
-Gabriel Mann
(OST "Sleepover")

1st Stanza:
        A          F#m
     Remember, the moment of change
            D                        E  
     Is it all straight ahead or behind you?
            A           F#m
     Well, maybe if you look around
                D                      E
     You'll see everything is perfectly clear.
      A                      E
     Picture it all in your mind.

        A                  F#m
     Remember where we are now.
     Open your eyes,
     And take all in.

        A                  F#m
     Remember where we are now.
       D       E 
     This is where your life begins.

2nd Stanza:
          A               F#m
     You feel like you're lost in the crowd.
      D                        E
     Watching life go on without you.
            A          F#m
     Well, baby, it's you're turn to shine
      D                          E
     Everything is starting right here.
       A                        E 
     Don't leave this moment behind.


      A              F#m
     Don't look away.
               D                           E
     It's the life that you choose now believe it.
      A                F#m
     There comes a day,
     When you look up and see
     How good you are with me.

Chorus (2)

        A       F#m
        D        E

End with:
      D        E 
     This is where your life begins.


hi, this is my first tab.
i don't know if it's right but who cares.
anyway, i think this tab of mine is correct.

sige po thanks ulet!! ü

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