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Here In Your Presence Chords
Here In Your Presence
Jon Egan - Desperation Band

This is my acoustic rendition of the song by watching their video over and over again.


The song is played 6/8 beat and the intro is a little tricky. The lead starts on the 

G1 - doing lead

G2 - doing chords
D    - x00232
Em7  - 022030
Gsus - 330003

G2:      D                 D                 Em7                Em7                Gsus  
            Gsus           D

repeat INTRO twice


D    - x00232
Em7  - 022030
G    - 330003

D    - x00232
D2   - x00230
Dsus - x00233
Em7  - 020030 not same as G1
G    - 300033 not same as G1

G1 (guitar 1) is played much louder than G2 (guitar 2).

 G1 D             D      D           D
 G2 Dsus          D      D2          D
    Found in Your hands, fullness of joy

 G1 Em7                        G                D
 G2 Em7                        G                D
    Every fear suddenly wiped away here in Your Presence

 G1 D         D     D         D
 G2 Dsus      D     D2        D
    All of my gains now fade away

 G1 Em7                         G                  D
 G2 Em7                         G                  D
    Every crown no longer on display, here in Your Presence


G1 and G2
Bm7  - x20230
Asus - x02230
G    - 320033

Bm7            A                       G2
    Heaven is trembling in awe of Your wonder
Bm7                 A                      G2
    Kings and their kingdoms are standing amazed


G1 and G2
D2   - X00230
D2/C#- x40230
Bm7  - x20230
Asus - x02230
G    - 320033

             D2                  D2/C#
Here in Your Presence, we are undone
             Bm7       Asus                   G
Here in Your Presence, Heaven and earth become one
             D2                       D2/C#
Here in Your Presence, all things are new
             Bm7       A                     G2
Here in Your Presence, everything bows before You


G1 sounds funny at first but when you got the to the ryhtmit sounds very nice.

Bm7  - 70070x
Asus - 5006xx
G    - 3004xx
D/F# - 20020x

Bm7  - x20230
Asus - x02230
G    - 320033
D/F# - x04232

Bm         Asus       G         D/F#
Wonderful, beautiful, glorious, matchless in every way
Bm         Asus       G         D/F#
Wonderful, beautiful, glorious, matchless in every way


When driving to the build section of the bridge using downstokes.

Bm         Bm/A       G         D/F#
Wonderful, beautiful, glorious, matchless in every way
Bm         Bm/A       G
Wonderful, beautiful, glorious,

Ony this last part G2 could go back to regular strumming to bridge timing when going 
to chorus.

D/F#                 G2  A
matchless in every way

There it is guys and I would like to thank God for giving me the change to study this 
share it to everyone.
God bless and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my wife Rosalyn Manahan... I love you!!!

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About the artist behind Here In Your Presence Chords:

Desperation Band, led by Jared Anderson, Jon Egan, and Glenn Packiam, is the youth worship ministry of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

All three are associate worship pastors at the church, serving under worship pastor Ross Parsley. Anderson leads worship for the Sunday night service, Egan for _tag (the high school group), and Packiam for theMILL (the college group). In addition to their various responsibilities during the week, they all come together to lead with worship pastor Ross Parsley on Sunday mornings, reflecting the team concept of NewLifeWorship. The band has been featured on the main stage at Creation East and Kingdom Bound, and has led worship in the Worship Tent at both Creation East and KingdomBound. They have also been featured on Teen Mania's Acquire the Fire tour dates in stadiums around the country. Their albums, recorded live at New Life Church, appear on Integrity’s Vertical Music label and feature "high-energy, passionate new worship songs that convey the hunger of their generation for God."

Desperation Band was first formed in 2001, when New Life Church pastor David Perkins suggested the three worship leaders/songwriters play together at the first Desperation Conference. Held annually in July, Desperation Conferences draw thousands of college and high school students who are desperate for a deeper walk with God.

Each of the three Desperation Band leaders have had many creative endeavors separately. Jon Egan wrote the song "I Am Free", later covered by the Newsboys. The band has been playing "I Am Free" for several years, although the Newsboys version only recently became an international hit single. In 2006, Jared Anderson released a solo worship project titled Where to Begin. Known for his theologically deep messages, Glenn Packiam reveals "How Your Life Can Make A World of Difference" in his first book Butterfly in Brazil (2007, Tyndale House).

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