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When It Comes My Turn Chords

Artist: David Myles
Song: When it comes my Turn
Album: Things Have Changed

Tuning: Standard - Capo on 1st Fret

This is a great, catchy folk song that I first heard last night on CBC
and I couldn't get it out of my head since. I went on Youtube today and 
found a bunch of videos of David Myles performing this song live. I'll 
be ordering his CD soon, but for now, this tab reflects live versions
I've seen on t.v. and youtube. I haven't heard the album version, so
please forgive any variations.

The song's very simple. Myles starts by playing an E chord, and hammering
on the G string and probably doing something on the B string? This is the
basic outline, sounds 100% correct to my ears.

Start on E
             A                   E
I'm getting old but I'm not old yet
                 B                  E
I'm already worried that I might forget
How to laugh, how to love
How to live, how to learn
                       B             A       E
I want to die with a smile when it comes my turn

I don't want to get weary, don't want to get bored
Don't want to get tired, walking down this road
I've seen that happen so many times
I just want to believe that its still worth trying


But I know that it's easier said than done
And I ain't that different from anyone
I worry about my money, got bills that I can't pay
I swear I'm more like my father everyday


Maybe I'll start bowling, maybe I'll play bridge
Maybe I'll join a band with my own grandkids
I don't care if it kills me I'm gonna do what it takes
To keep some warmth in my heart and a smile on my face


End on E.

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