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Quarter Of A Man Chords
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From RC Computer Center Colin Edmonds   Jul 23 '94 at 11:16 pm -240

Date: Sat, 23 Jul 1994 23:16:49 -0400
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Subject: 1/4 of a man CRD

[You dont seem to have a David Lindley dir, but maybe youd like to open
one for this submission from Istanbul, Turkey]
Quarter Of A Man
David Lindley - From the album  El Rayo X

          Am            /           /     /
There's a quarter of a man in the market
        F            /           /        /
With a quarter of a car so its easy to park it
        Am            /         /            F
He gets to the counter he saves what he can
        Am            /             /             F
But he only saves a quarter he's a quarter of a man


Now this quarter of a man he got fired

The next damn day he got hired hired

The only thing wrong with this plan

He only gets a quarter he's a quarter of man

Am Em  C       G      Am
Every day he's on the street
Am  Em     C         G           Am
Too few quarters to live or to eat
Am   Em    C         G          Am
He's so little the people all stare
But he only pays a quarter fare
Am       F

Now the quarter of a man's on vacation

But he still gets his ration

When he gets to the market he pays what he can

But he only pays a quarter he's a quarter of a man


All the regular comments about the integrity /accuracy of this, my own
interpretation of 1/4 OF A MAN
Colin Edmonds   [email protected]
Istanbul, Turkey

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