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Save Your Scissors Chords
Alright, this is the complete song except for the type of solo that Dallas does on the acoustic
If there is any mistakes e-mail me [email protected]

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G                        Cadd9 G                 
So Go On, And I will refrain, And I'll keep on running this never-ending 
Cadd9 G                               Cadd9       G
race. And maybe next time will be the right time, and maybe next time
             Cadd9  G
will be your time.

Cadd9                              D               Cadd9                   
So save your scissors, for someone else's skin. My surface is so tough I
            D                                Cadd9             D 
don't think the blade will dig in. Save your strength, save your wasted time
 Cadd9                          D
theres no way I want you to be left behind. 
(Play Intro)
Go on and save your scissors..Save Your Scissors
Play the verse part, it's the same chords.
Play the Chorus part also.

The Bridge is the same strumming as the Chorus

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