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Daydreamer Tab
Adele - Daydreamer
Tabbed By - D.Leung

This is my first tab.  Hopefully as I get better at the guitar I can post some more.
I was watching a live performance and I'm 99% sure that this is correct.



Pre Chorus

e------------------          -------|
A---5-----------5--         --5-----|
D-----6-------6----         --6-----|
G-----------0------ (x4) --0--------| (x1)
B-0-----0-0--------         --0-----|
E------------------          -------|


e--2--------         --4------------|
B----3------         ----5----------|
G------4---- (x5) ------6-----------| (x5)
D-----------         ---------------|
A-----------         ---------------|
E-----------          --------------|

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About the artist behind Daydreamer Tab:

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (born May 5, 1988 in Enfield, North London),[1] known professionally as Adele, is an English soul and jazz singer. She is the first recipient of the Brit Awards Critics' Choice, which was given to artists who at the time had yet to release an album. Adele has also been hailed by the British press as "the new Amy Winehouse" [2].

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