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Operation Mindcrime Tab
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                             Operation: Mindcrime     October 3, 1994
                          from the Queensryche album
                             Operation: LiveCrime

                       Transcription by Dave Ruginski Jr

F#5  244xxx     E5   022xxx     C#5  x466xx
A5   x022xx     B5   x244xx     Ab5  466xxx

Intro & Chorus


F#5         A5     F#5      F#5        A5       E5     x 2
/  /        /      /  /     /  /       /        /

C#5           A5        C#5           B5     C#5           A5         B5
/ x x / x x / /     /   / x x / x x / /      / x x / x x / /  /   /   /

Note: Here, the 'x' means palm mute the chord.

During the solo play the first half of the verse part, then play

Ab5                             E5                    F#5
/ x x / x x / x x / x x x x x x /       /      /      /

That covers most of the song. Listen to it a few times to find out
where everything fits, and for correct timing.

To all those reading, I am still looking for Tell Me by Stevie Ray
Vaughn (from the Texas Flood album), and Don't Care from Obituary's
new album. Someone out there must know how to play these songs...

[email protected]

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