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Swimming Beach Verse Riffs Tab
Tabbed By: Jobo Kapunan
Tabbed On: May 16, 2002 Thursday @ 1:57pm to 2:30pm
E-mail Address: [email protected]
IRC Nick @ Dalnet: Duron

PAROKYA NI EDGAR: Swimming Beach Verse Riff
Effects Used: Chorus
Alternative: use An Acoustic Guitar
Tuning: Standard "EADGBE" Tuning

 |Comment: This Song Is Played By Two Guitars      |
 |         But It's Also Nice If Played One Guitar |
 |         This Song Is Made Out Of MAJOR Scale ;) |
 |    	   This Song Is In Key Of C (? Not Sure)   |
 |         The Riff Is Divided Into Three Parts    |
 |         And Remember That I Only DId The First  |
 |	   Guitar's Tab.                           |


U = Upstroke
D = Downstroke

First Riff:

   D D U D D D D D D D U D D D D D

Second Riff:

   D D U D D D D D D D D D D

Third Riff:

   D D U D D D D D D D U D D D D D D

Fourth RIff:

   D D U D D D D D

I Just Divided Them Into So You Can See The Differences ;)

I'll Put ON The Other Parts Of This Song and Other Song Tabs Too.
Feel Free To E-mail Me for Request, Suggestions, Praises And Anything Appreciated.
Hope You'lle Be Happy And Have Your Day FIlled!

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