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My One And Only You Chords
                          >my one and only you

Verse: 1
    A       E
It took one look
      F#m                  D 
And forever laid out in front of me
      A          E
One smile and I died
     F#m                         D (pause after the chord "D")
But I do need to be revived by you

Verse: 2
There i was
           E                     F#m 
Thought i had everything figured out
 D            A                            E
Goes to show just how much i know
           F#m                D (strum it once)
'bout the way life plays out...

   A       E           F#m 
I take one step away
         D                 A                E
Then i find myself coming back to you
   F#m                   D                    A - E - F#m - D
My one and only one and only you...ooh...

(the next verses follow the same pattern as the first two)

Verse: 3
(same chord pattern of verses )
Now i know 
That i know not a thing at all
Except the fact that i am yours
And that you are mine

Verse: 4
They told me that it wouldn't be easy
And i know 
That i am not the one to complain...

(Chrous 2X)
     A       E         F#m
ill take one step away
         D             A                   E 
then i find myself comming back, to you
 F#m                 D                       A    (end with the chord A)
my one and only....... one and only you.....

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