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The Man I Killed Chords
          G                               C           G
When they tightly strapped me in, gave me lethal injection
       Bm                  Em         C                D        
just a few more minutes to live, no remorse for what i did
            G                             C           G
its for the betterment of man, i gave the utmost sacrifice
            Bm              C               G
before more damage could be done i took his life
G      D Em                             C
theres a split second of silence as the dart punctured his skin
      G                              D
beady eyes rolled back in head, body dropped from the poison
G    D     Em                        C
they could incapacitate me but could not erase my sneer
          G                                     D
i heard a thousand people screaming while three billion others cheered
       Em        C            D
he was gone, and I would soon be
   G                         C                 G
Executed by the state, all appeals would be in vain
          Bm         Em               C              D
i was not criminally insane, in fact, i was found to be
             G                             C       G
an otherwise caring and respectable member of society
        Bm                C              G
a minor threat except for that one man i killed
G  D   Em                            C
As the sedetives take affect, i just smile and close my eyes
         G                                       D
theres a priest kneeling next to me, he asked me if i realized
G D   Em                            C
i was going straight to hell and he thought that i should know
         G                                       D
that the man i killed's replacement planned this whole scenario
           Em      C         D (outro)G    C   G   Bm   C Em Am G
and what i did had no significance at all

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