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The Becoming Chords
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From: [email protected] (Brent Allen Musat)

the becoming
nine inch nails

This is the acoustic part in the middle and end of the song.  I just play
them as power chords.  Keep your right hand strumming constantly throughout,
scuffing the strings in between the chord changes.

G F C Bb F C F   (play twice)

G  F    C            Bb         F C    F    
hi-ding backwards in-side of me i feel so unafraid
G  F    C             Bb      F C     F
an-nie, hold a little tighter i might just slip away

I felt sorry for the people out there who don't know much about chords so I
TABed it for you.

   G          F             C           Bb

  F           C             F

Hope this is of interest to some of you out there.

[email protected]

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About the artist behind The Becoming Chords:

Nine Inch Nails (abbreviated as NIN) is an American industrial rock band, founded in 1988 by Trent Reznor in Cleveland, Ohio. As its main producer, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Reznor is the only official member of Nine Inch Nails and remains solely responsible for its direction.[1] NIN's music straddles a wide range of genres, while retaining a characteristic sound using electronic instruments and processing. After recording a new album, Reznor usually assembles a live band to perform with him. The touring band features a revolving lineup that often rearranges songs to fit a live performance setting. On stage, NIN often employs spectacular visual elements to accompany its performances, which frequently culminate with the band destroying their instruments.[2]

Underground music audiences warmly received Nine Inch Nails in its early years. The band produced several highly influential records in the 1990s that achieved widespread popularity: many Nine Inch Nails songs became radio hits,[3] two NIN recordings won Grammy Awards, and the band has sold over twenty million albums worldwide,[4] with 11 million sales certified in the US alone.[5] In 2004, Rolling Stone placed Nine Inch Nails at 94 on its list of the 100 greatest rock artists of all time.[6] In spite of this acclaim, the band has had several feuds with the corporate side of the recording industry. In 2007, Trent Reznor announced that Nine Inch Nails would release music independently of record labels.[7]

Nine Inch Nails' 2008 album, Ghosts I–IV, was first released online in a variety of digital and physical formats via the band's official website. Just over two months after the release of Ghosts I-IV, the band released another full-length studio album, The Slip, entirely free of charge.

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