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Borrowed Time Chords (ver 2) - Cueshe

Borrowed Time Chords
Borrowed Time
By Cueshe

Tabbed by Benjie

Intro: E - C#m - A (3x)
(play with Riff 1)

Verse 1: 
E                  G#m  
Every fight needs mending
A                   E
Every start has an end
Like the sunrise and the sunset
That's just how it ends

Interlude: E - C#m - A
           (w/ Riff 1)
E                  G#m          
Loved one borrowed time
Will never be yours nor mine
   E                   G#m
I need you like youe need me
A		B A
Where I oughta be

E                    B
Oh, it's good to be true
        C#m                   A
If our hopes and dreams come true
E                 B           C#m       
Wish that I have more of this borrowed time
If only it would last a lifetime

Interlude: E - C#m - A (2x)
           (w/ Riff 1)

Verse 2:
E                G#m
This bitterness inside
      A              E
Is an empty space I hide
It never satisfies
Livin my life in a lie


E                  G#m
Loved one borrowed time
      A                  E     
Will never be yours nor mine
I just closed my eyes
   A			  B - A
I know that it will be alright


  G       A              E
Now that you have gone away
 G           A                B
You seem so close but you're miles and miles away

(Chorus 3x)

Riff 1: 
*The keyboardist of Cueshe plays variations of this riff.. You may add notes if you prefer..  

That's all!!!
Just listen to the song to learn the song easier...
If you have any comments or questions you can e-mail me at [email protected] ... Thanks!!!  

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About the artist behind Borrowed Time Chords:

Cueshé is a 6-piece OPM Pop-Rock band that hails from Cebu, Philippines.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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