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Baby Blue Chords
Baby Blue
Capo III
[D]Guess I got what I[C]deserve [C/G/F]
[F] kept you[C]waiting there too [G]long   my love [G/F/D]

[D]All that time without a[C] word [C/G/F]
[F] did you [C]really think that [G]I'D forget ][G/F/D]

Or [D]Id regret [D/G/Am], the [Am]special love I have for [C]you my baby [G]blue [GGG

[D]All the days became so [C]long [C/G/F]
[F] Did you [C]really think I'D [G]do you  wrong [G/F/D]
[D]Dixie when I let you [C]go [C/G/F]
[F] Thought you'D [C]realized [G]I would know [G/F/D]
[D]I would show [D/G/Am], [Am]the special love I have for [C]you my baby [G]blue

[Bm]What Can I [Em]do [Eb]  what can I [Am]say [F]except [C] I want you by my [D]side
[Bm]How can I [Em]show [Eb] you show me a [Am]way
[F]Don't you [C]know the times Ive [G]tried /F/C/G/D/F/

[D]Guess that's all I have to [C] say [C/G/F]  [F]except the [C]feeling just grows 
every day [G/F/D]
[D]Just one thing before I [C]go [C/G/F]
[F]take good [C]care baby [G]let me know [G/F/D]
[D]Let it flow [D/G/Am], the [Am]special love you've had for [C]me my  dixie [G]dear


T. Teates
Las Vegas

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About the artist behind Baby Blue Chords:

Badfinger were a rock/pop band formed in Swansea, Wales in the early 1960s and were one of the earliest representatives of the power pop genre.

During the early 1970s the band were touted as the heir apparent to The Beatles, partly because of their close working relationship with the 'Fab Four' and partly because of their similar sound. A major critic in 1970 opined that "[i]t's as if John, Paul, George, and Ringo had been reincarnated as Joey, Pete, Tom, and Mike of Badfinger."[1] However, Badfinger fell victim to some of the worst elements of the music industry and ended up with its two principal singers and songwriters committing suicide in 1975 and 1983.

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