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Ernie K Doe - Mother-in-law Chords
Mother-In-Law:Ernie K. Doe
#1 in '61.
    C              Am
The worst person I know,
 G9        C    C        Am
(Mother-in-law, Mother-in law)
    C           Am
She worries me, so.
 G9        Am   C   Am
(Mother-in-law, M I L)
         C         Am
If she'd leave us alone,
         Dm7          D7
we would have a happy home.
Sent from down below. 
 G9        C              Am  G7
(Mother-in-law, Mother-in-law)
C                 Am
Sin should be her name.
 G9        C    C   Am
(Mother-in-law, M I L)
   C                    Am
To me they're about the same.
G9         C    C   Am
(Mother-in-law, M I L)

      C              Am
Every time I open my mouth,
    Dm7                       D7
She steps in, tries to put me out.
Dm7                    G9
How could she stoop so low? 
 G9        C    C   Am
(Mother-in-law, M I L)
  C                 Am
I come home with my pay,
 G9        C    C   Am
(Mother-in-law, M I L)
    C              Am
She asks me what I made.
 G9        C    C   Am
(Mother-in-law, M I L)
    C                      Am
She thinks her advice is a contribution,
    Dm7                           D7
But if she would leave that would be the solution.
And don't come back no more.
 G7         C   C   Am
(Mother-in-law, M I L,)
G9        C                    Am       C  Am
Mother-in-law..M..y, Mother-in-law, The Law...(fade)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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