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Ep - Fitrat Chords
Author/Artist: EP
Title: Fitrat
Transcribed by: daniyal	
Email: [email protected]

Standard tuning

Chords :  A(577655), G#m(466444),  D(557775), Bm(799777), 
         B5(799xxx),  D5(5577xx), A5(577xxx), E5(7799xx), G#5(466xxx)

B5 B5 B5 A5 B5 B5 D5..... 
A5 B5 B5 A5 A5 B5 B5 D5 
B5 B5

A           G#m
Suli pay charho gai kiya

    A          G#m
jo mango gay milay ga yahan

A           G#m    
kaghaz kai tukray to dhikha
        D            A     Bm
jinhein jor kar tu bana Khuda


B5               D5
Bol qabeel tu chahtaa hai kiya

B5                A5     
uss ka haq na keh uss ki dua

B5               D5
haath peh khoon surakh saiyah hai

B5        E5         B5
Insaan ki fitrat hai kia


G#5 D5 A5   B5 
Ho  ho Insaaan

G#5 D5 A5   B5 
Ho  ho Insaaan


A            G#m   
Bhool gaye apni  aukaat

   A                 G#m
ankhooon may takabur hiris kai haath

   A                G#m
dhalay aanchal pay hawas kai daagh

   D             A           Bm
saray gunahon ki jarh tu hai aaj


B5                D5 
Ab naheen tujhery koi panah

B5             A5
ab naheen tera koyee yaha

B5                 D5 
saanson ka waqt ub thum sa gaya

B5        E5         B5
Insaan ki fitrat hai kiyaaa


Tu kuch bhi naheen


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