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El Bando - Rock And Roll Chords
my friends and i have a basement band, we invent a bunch of songs, and i found
out about this site the other day, so i thought i would try and put a couple of
our songs on it. ive got more later but this is all i out for now. were just
getting started but weve got some pretty good ideas!! so please put this on your

band: el bando
song: rock and roll

chords: e,g,a
   e  g  a

e--0-0---3--5-|                       e--00000000---
b--0-0---3--5-|                       b--00000000---
g--1-1---4--6-|           then on     g--11111111---
d--2-2---5--7-| times 7...the 8th bar d--22222222---
a--2-2---5--7-|           do this:    a--22222222---
e--0-0---3--5-|                       e--00000000---
e    g   a
rock and roll, is
e    g  a
here to stay, its
e      g       a
better to burn out than
e    g  a
fade away

invente your own solo, its in the key of "D", so just improvise
(try to make it sounds rock and rolly)

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