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Danita - Fire Love Chords
Title: Fire Love
Artist: Danita Paner
Album: Promotor
Composer: Monty of Mayonaise
Tabbed by: Rodel F. Farinnas a.k.a. mr4ever_more
Contact #: 09189055868
Friendster account: [email protected]
Date: Sept. 6, 2007

Intro:Dm-Gm-Bb-A (4x)

this tab is for the verse and chorus also....

Dm Gm
Yeahhhh!!! every time I feel so lonely
Bb A
You're the one i can't ignore
Dm Gm
But all you give is the confusion
Bb A
Trying hard to tie the score
Dm Gm
And every time you're feeling lonely
Bb A
I'm the one that you restore
Dm Gm
Every time you need affection
Bb A
You think that I'll be at your door
Bb C
Now I'd leave you waiting
Bb C--A/C#
You'll be craving for more
Dm Gm Bb
Will you run will you hide from the love A that you adore..
Dm Gm
do you run do you hide
Bb A
From this love that you adore
will you find me, save me
Gm Bb
A Free me in this love we both belong
Bb C
You'll be waiting baby
Bb C A/C# (intro)
I'll be asking for more from you
(repeat all)
Some adlib here...di ko pa nakapa kasi I just heard this song sa you tube e...mga 
kayo na po bahala sa mga adlib...this is just for beginners who want to play this song.

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