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Chriz Crayer - Holding Out Chords
Title: Holding Out
Artist: Chriz Crayer

     THis is the new song of Chriz Crayer...Narinig ko lang kanina...Hehe...
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Intro: D-Em-G then D-Em-G (pause)

D                 Em
Her every step to my heart
Bring my dreams closer and close
  D                 Em   
Following the colors of the rainbow
                G        D
Of the rainbow so I can hold her
 D          Em
I gaze up in the sky
                  D Em G
But she nowhere to be found
   D            Em
There's nowhere else to look 
I'm holding out

 Bm       G              Em
FOr Mrs. Right, I'm just waiting
 Bm         GM7
I don't know why she's delaying

D          Em
Get her on board
 D         A         Em
Coz this life's to short
       D     A     Em
And I woner if she know
 D     A        Em
That I'm still left alone
 D Em    G
I don't wanna be
I don't wanna be

  D                     Em
The clean air comes through my window
In the middle of the night
D                              Em              G
My lungs take it in to feel the warmth of her life

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