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Canan Nuri - Not Enough Tab
Band : Canan Nuri
Song : Not Enough

Hey this is my own song for my future band, and this is to prove to Elliott
and Noel that I do Have a song and the name of the band is not 'diet time'!!
The strumming pattern for this song is 
Down Down Up Up Down Up 
at whatever speed you want, I play it slow.


C Am C Am Em Em
C Am C Am Em Em


Cadd9 D G G
Cadd9 D G A A

Play the verse again and chorus and then....


E Am Dm Dm 
E Am Dm Em Em 

Then the chorus again and then this next bit fades out after about 4 times,
or you can just slow it down, what ever makes You happy

C (Down Down Up Up Down Up)
Am (Down)
Em (Down)

Okay if you want to tell me how rubbish my song is or
whatever my e-mail is [email protected]
but take it easy, I'm Only 13!!

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