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Black And White - When The Clouds Collide Tab - Misc Unsigned Bands

Black And White - When The Clouds Collide Tab
Title: when the clouds collide( I think )
Artist: black and white
Tab by: Civ07 Turzk10 wooo00000ooohhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

standard tuning po. . .

To all EMO's out there try this song surely you will love this as I love this
song woooo0000000000000000000ooooooooohhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Dedicated to Shen and to all party people. . . . .
And to my dearest Emz jajajaj. . . . . .
Pagpacenxahan nyo nlang. . . . . . .

Intro: play 4 times
     G9    C9

Verse: play intro 4 times
I cant help but start to think sometimes
If stars would appear in a night like mine
This feeling inside and described above all
When even the close so seem so far away. . . .

Bridge Part
    Em9    C9      Em9   D9    D
Bridge: play bridge part
But I will not be shaken by the circumstances
I,m running faster now. . . . .

Chorus part
     G9  F#/G Em9    C9
Chorus: play chorus part 2 times
I wish the sun would shine a little brighter
Like the clouds above the sky then I,ll make the world would lie

I wish the sun would feel a little warmer
But clouds above collide then I,m burning them with fire. . . . .

Repeat Intro then play bridge then 2 time for chorus Woo000000oohh. . . . . . . . . .

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