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The Wise Maid Tab
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From: [email protected] (Goatcheese McGillicuddy)
Date: 10 Jul 1995 08:08:29 GMT
Subject: TAB: The Wise Maid

Well, since there hasn't been much tab posted lately, I thought I'd throw 
something out. This is a fingerpicked arrangement of an Irish tune called 
The Wise Maid that I pulled out of the Fiddler's Fakebook. All I've really 
done is to put a very straightforward bass line under it, but it sounds 
pretty cool. When I play it alone, I do it once through at a slowish pace, 
trying for a harp sound, then I pick it up and do it a second time at a 
fair clip.
I generally follow this with two other tunes from the Fakebook, Allie Crocker
and Eighth of January, flatpicked at as ridiculous a tempo as I can manage.

Enjoy it, and comments are welcome. (I'm working on similar stuff for Kid On
the Mountain and Rights Of Man, if anyone is interested in more of this sort 
of thing.)

The Wise Maid 
(Traditional, Arr. Jon Kiparsky)
Drop-D tuning (DADGBE)

  1  .    /   .   2   .   /   .    3   .   /   .   4   .   /   .

  5  .    /   .   6   .   /   .    7   .   /   .   8   .   /   .
E--------------------------------------023-2---0-------------------    ||
B-----------------------0----------3-3-------3---2-3-0-------------   .||
G------0------------2-2---2----------------------------2-0---------    ||
D-4--4----4-2-0-2-4---------4-2-0----------0---------------4-0-0-2-   .||
A-----------------0---2---4---2----0---2-------4---2---------------    ||
D-0-------4------------------------------------------------0-------    ||

  9  .   /   .   10  .   /   .   11  .   /   .   12  .   /   .

  13  .   /   .   14  .   /   .   15  .   /   .    16  .   /
E-0-----------------2-5-2-3-2-0-------0---------------------  |
B-------0-3-------3-------------3-023---2-3-0---------------  |
G-----0---------2-----------------------------2-0----2---2-- .|
D---2-------0-4---0--------------------------------4---2---0 .|
A-2-------0-------------------------------------------------  |
D-------------------------5-------4---2---0--------4---2---0  | 

*The things that look like triplets in bars 3, 7, and 15 are, in fact, 

*Irish tunes are typically played AABB- bars 1 through 8 are the A part, 
that's played twice and then the B part (9-16) is plyed twice, then the whole 
thing is repeated. Unless, of course, you want to do otherwise.

*Comments to [email protected]

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