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Rose Connelly Chords
Rose Connelly

play this in a 3/4 waltz time with a little swing or syncopation

F                     Bb         F                  Dm
Down in the willow garden, where me and my love did meet,
F                   Bb          F            C7     F
There we sat a-courting, and my love dropped off to sleep.
  Bb                  F         Bb                               Dm
I had a bottle of the Burglar's wine, which my true love did not know,
    F                                 Bb        F         C7      F
And there I poisoned that dear little girl down under the banks below.

F                       Bb         F             Dm
I stabbed her with a dagger, which was my bloody knife.
F                    Bb         F     C7       F
I threw her in the river, which was a dreadful sight.
   Bb                F       Bb                 Dm
My father often told me that money would set me free,
     F                             Bb          F        C7       F
If I would murder that dear little girl, whose name was Rose Connelly.

F                                  Bb             F           Dm
But now he sits in his own cottage door, a-wiping his weeping eye,
F                     Bb       F        C7       F
A-waiting for his own dear son upon the scaffold high.
   Bb                  F             Bb                     Dm
My race is run beneath the sun.  Lo, Hell's now waiting for me,
      F                         Bb          F        C7       F
For I have murdered that girl I love, whose name was Rose Connelly.

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