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In The Pines Chords
                IN THE PINES   TRADITIONAL

		C		                             F         C
		In the pines,in the pines, where the sun never shines,

                                G         C
		And you shiver when the cold wind blows.

        C                   F    C                   G       C
		The longest train I ever saw, went down that Georgia line.

        C                    F     C              G                C
		The engine passed at six o clock, and the cab passed by at nine.


        C                          F       C               G                  C
		I asked my captain for the time of day, he said he throwed his watch away.

        C                       F           C        G              C
		A long steel rail and a short cross tie, I'm on my way back home.


		C                              F      C          G                  C
		Little girl, little girl, what have I done, that makes you treat me so?

		C                          F            C     G                         C
		You caused me to weep, you caused me to moan, you caused me to leave my home.


		C                             F       C          G                 C
		Little girl, little girl, why did you leave, and break my heart in two?

		C                   F        C         G                 C
		You left me here to weep and moan, you left me alone and blue.


		If I'd a listened to what Mama said, then I would not be here today.

		Well the same old train that brought me here, will soon take me away.


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