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Ode To My Family Chords (ver 2) - Cranberries

Ode To My Family Chords
Ode to My Family - The Cranberries
Tabbed by Ray Walker					  

CAPO on 2nd fret

C		Am	     Em		  F		x2
Do do do do, do do do do, do do do do, do do do do. 

C		Am	     Em		  F		x2


C    Am		        Em	   F	  	   C
Understand the things I say, don't turn away from me

C	      Am	       Em	  F	      	  C
Cause I spent half my life out there, you wouldn't disagree.

C	    Am			 Em	          F		     C
D'you see me, d'you see, do you like me, do you like me standing there.

C           Am               	 Em             F		       C
D'you notice, d'you know, do you see me, do you see me, does anyone care. 


C       Am                Em                  F			C
Unhappiness, where's when I was young, and we didn't give a damn.

C              Am             Em              F 	       C
'Cause we were raised, to see life as fun and take it if we can.

C        Am                Em             F			      C
My mother, my mother she'd hold me, she'd hold me, when I was out there.

C        Am              Em              F			  C
My father, my father, he liked me, oh he liked me, does anyone care.

Verse 2:

Understand what I've become, it wasn't my design.
And people everywhere think some-thing better than I am.
But I miss you, I miss 'cause I liked it, 'cause I liked it, when I was out here.
D'you know this, d'you know, you did not find me, you did not find, does anyone care.

Repeat chorus once more then continue with..
Does anyone care x 7
Do do do do x 12

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About the artist behind Ode To My Family Chords:

The Cranberries is an Irish alternative rock band that rose to mainstream popularity in the 1990s. They have sold an estimated 43 million albums worldwide, not including singles.[1] Since 2003 the band has been on hiatus as the members pursue solo careers.

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