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Electric Blue Eyes Chords
Yeah thats a cool song and really easy!! Try it out!

Listen for the timing

Em       Bm        C             Bm
Electric blue eyes where did you come from
Em       Bm        C        Bm
Electric blue eyes who sent you
Em       Bm        C         Bm
Electric blue eyes always be near me
Em       Bm        C      Bm
Electric blue eyes I need you

Nah nah noh,nah nah noh! (same chords)-
Em  Bm C       Bm                     -   Chorus
Domina,Domina deus,                   -
Em  Bm C      Bm                      -
Domina adjuva me                      -

Em            Bm            C        Bm
If you should go you should know I am here(twice)
Em        Bm       C      Bm
Always be near me guardian angel
Em        Bm        C       Bm
Always be near me, there's no fear

Chorus again...

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About the artist behind Electric Blue Eyes Chords:

The Cranberries is an Irish alternative rock band that rose to mainstream popularity in the 1990s. They have sold an estimated 43 million albums worldwide, not including singles.[1] Since 2003 the band has been on hiatus as the members pursue solo careers.

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