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Same Old Blues Tab
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Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 12:45:36 -0600
From: Guy Butler 
Subject: Lynyrd Skynyrd-----Same Old Blues

TABBED BY: [email protected]

Lynyrd Skynyrd---Same Old Blues

 I have been an advid fan of Skynyrd and this song is one of my favorites.
I have tried to put this out as accurately as possible for those to enjoy.
It is based on the 12 bar blues but there are 18 bars. The following is what
I feel is the whole melody of the song.  I am going to number the riffs so
when I put down the melody sections you will understand a little bit on how
to play it when played with the original song.

1. E---------------------------------------------------------------

2. E---------------------------------------------------------------

                 G             F
3. E-------------3-------------1-----------------------------------

4. E---------------------------------------------------------------

Play the following melody in sections as I have numbered each melody in each
phrase. You will be able to learn the song.
  112121314   112121314   112121314   112121314   1111221131

  112121311   112121314   1121212112121111111
Here are the words to the song.
Have you heard that rumer, thats goin around
My baby's got a man, Lord way across town
It's the same old story, tell me where will it end
Yes I heard the news, it's the same old blues again
Well I wrote you a letter, must have read it wrong
Stood at the doorway, baby you was gone
It took a lot of courage, eeeeee, let the telephone ring
I got the same old blues, same old blues again
Well you gave me the business, no I didn't mind
Cause I got a lot of space, Lord I got a lot of time
It's the same old story, tell me where will it end, eeeeee Lord
I got the same old blues, same old blues again
eeeeeeee Lord, Here I come a now blues
Gonna climb me a mountain, and gonna hide out
Ain't talking to you babe, Lord I ain't comin down
Well I heard that rumer, tell me where will it end
I got the same old blues, same old blues again
Have you heard that rumer, thats goin around
Baby got a man, Lord way across town
It's the same old story, tell me where will this end
Yes I heard the news, it's the same old blues again
Got the same old blues, same old blues again
eeeeeeeeeee, I got the blues
Same old blues
 Well that does it for the song. I am working on the slide part and hope to
have it in the archive within the next week or so.

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About the artist behind Same Old Blues Tab:

Lynyrd Skynyrd (pronounced /ˌlɛnɚdˈskɪnɝd/,Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd) is an American Southern rock band. The band became prominent in the Southern United States in 1973, and rose to worldwide recognition before several members, including lead vocalist and primary songwriter Ronnie Van Zant, were killed in a plane crash in 1977 near McComb, Mississippi. A tribute band was formed in 1987 for a reunion tour with Johnny Van Zant, Ronnie's younger brother, at the helm, and continues to record music today.

The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 13, 2006, with members Gary Rossington and Billy Powell, former members Ed King, Bob Burns, and Artimus Pyle, and deceased members Ronnie Van Zant, Allen Collins, Steve Gaines, and Leon Wilkeson.

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