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Some Mothers Son Chords
Chords for "Some Mother's Son"
From: Chris

Some Mother's Son
Written by: Ray Davies
Publisher: Hill & Range Songs BMI

Intro: 4 bars of arpeggios on Bb then, over 4 bars, Bb F  Bb

     Bb       F             Bb
Some mother's son lies in a field
D7                               Gm  F  Eb  Eb/D
Someone has killed some mother's son today
Cm               F              Bb
Head blown up by some soldier's gun
D             A                 D7
While all the mothers stand and wait
F#            F#7              Bm   A G
Some mother's son ain't coming home today
Bb           C                D
Some mothers son ain't got no grave

Bb           F             Bb
Two soldiers fighting in a trench
D7                        Gm  F   Eb  Eb/D
One soldier glances up to see the sun
Cm            F                    Bb F   Eb
And dreams of games he played when he was young
D              A                  D7
And then his friend calls out his name
F#            F#7            Bm    A   G
It stops his dream and as he turns his head
  Bb     C           D
A second later he is dead           (2 bars of D)

Bb            F             Bb
Some mother's son lies in a field
D7                             Gm F Eb   Eb/D
Back home they put his picture in a frame
Cm           F                 Bb   F   Eb
But all dead soldiers look the same
D             A                  D7
While all the parents stand and wait
F#            F#7             Bm   A    G
To meet their children coming home from school
Bb            C            D
Some mother's son is lying dead

    G                D
Somewhere someone is crying
           A               D
Someone is trying to be so brave
    Bb                      F
But still the world keeps turning
                C                 F     F7
Though all the children have gone away

Bb            F             Bb
Some mother's son lies in a field
D7                             Gm F Eb   Eb/D 
But in his mother's eyes he looks the same
Cm           F                 Bb   F   Eb 
As on the day he went away
D             A                  D7
They put his picture on the wall
F#            F#7             Bm   A    G
They put flowers in the picture frame
Bb            C            D 
Some mothers memory remains

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About the artist behind Some Mothers Son Chords:

The Kinks were an English pop/rock group formed in 1963, and categorised as a British Invasion band, along with the other members of the so-called Big Four (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who). Despite being less commercially successful than these three contemporaries, mostly because of a four-year ban from the United States in the mid-to-late 1960s, the Kinks are cited among them as one of the most important and influential rock bands of all time and have 12 top 40 hits in America.[1]

The band's early hard-driving singles set a standard in the mid-1960s for rock and roll, while albums such as Face to Face,[2] Something Else, The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society, Arthur and Muswell Hillbillies are highly regarded by fans, critics, and peers, and are considered amongst the most influential recordings of the era.[3]

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