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Pretending Acoustic Chords - Him

Pretending Acoustic Chords
HIM - Pretending (Acoustic)

?tabbed by Alex Behrens ([email protected])

Love is a flame that can't be tamed
And though we are its willing prey, my darling
F#      C#
We are not the ones to blame

Riff A [Chords from Chorus]

Verse 1:
Trust is a word all lovers know
The glorious art staining souls, my darling
F#      C#
We are not the ones to blame
The more we have the more we want
And more it hurts our hearts, my baby
F#          B         C#
It always ends up in tears

           B      C#
So keep on pretending
Ebm                     C#
Our heaven is worth the waiting
           B     C#       Ebm
Keep on pretending it's alright
              B    C#
So keep on pretending
        Ebm               C#
It will be the end of our craving
           B           C#
Keep on pretending
It's alright

Verse 2:
When doubts arise the game begins
The one we will never win, my baby
It always ends up in tears

 repeat Chorus

 SOLO (Chorus)

 repeat Chorus

 Outro: repeat Intro
 End on: Ebm

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