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One Last Time Chords
HIM "One last Time".
Tabbed by Lily Lazer, [email protected]
HIM - One Last Time 

Am            C                  G
  It is so hard to believe our hearts 
        Em                   Am
  Are made to be broken by love
        C             G
  In constant dying lies
        Em     G½     Am½ 
  The beauty of it all
       C                 G
  My darling don't you feel
       Em            Am
  The sweet heaven in
      C       G   Em
  Our endless cry

                         C   Bm   Am
  Oh at least you could try
G                    C   Bm   Am
  For this one last time

Am         C                       G
  Ever amazed how bright are the flames
   Em             Am
  We are burning in
          C                G
  Ever smiled at the tragedies
      Em    G½Am½ 
  We hold inside
      C                  G
  My darling won't you cherish
        Em               Am 
  The fear of life that keeps
           C      GEm
  You and me so alive

                         C   Bm   Am
  Oh at least you could try
G                    C   Bm   Am
  For this one last time

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