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King Of Majesty Chords
Here i am again!  ANyway, this is again for bass because thats the instrument
i play! and (yes i've tried again) when played at the guitar it's fine!
Ahem anyway, I first heard this at TFCA then at VCF! Hahaha! like you care! ^-^ 

submitted by: TGKJH


B-E-F#-E, B-G#-F#-E

 You know that, I love you
G#                         F#
 You know that, I want to know you so much more
E                       B-E-G#-F#
 More than I had before
 These words are, from my heart
 These words are, not made up 
 I will live for you
E                    B-E-G#-F#
 I am devoted to you

King of majesty
I have one desire
        F#       G#      E
Just to be with you my lord
        F#       G#      E
Just to be with you my lord

B       E            F#    E      B-G#-F#-E 
Jesus, you are the savior of my soul
        B        G#        F#        E        B-G#-F#-E
And forever and ever I'll give my praises to you.

(Then repeat the verse!)

And that instrumental thing... All I did was B alot! ciao!

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